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Alec Pollak has been working in the Internet industry since 1995 when he created one of the first big-budget movie websites for Warner Bros. Batman Forever. His background of art direction and design for print and multimedia at Grey Entertainment Advertising launched him into a founding Creative Director position at Siteline, one of the first NYC Web design shops.

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love or...

The choices we make define our lives. This is just as true today as it was in Shakespeare's day and the stories we tell today reflect this just as much as the Bard's stories.

In love or... a  chance encounter sends two advertising creatives on a path to love... unless loyalty to their respective, competing agencies gets in the way. What will it be, love or... ?

I conceived of this very special film, together with Swati Argade as a part of the promotional efforts for her new mini-collection of summer dresses. We wanted it to be a very positive feeling love story, but every great love story I researched for reference ended up in death and disaster - because you prove how great a love is by how much the lovers are willing to give up in the name of that love. So how to tell a modern love story with a positive ending and still demonstrate the stakes? "Occupational suicide."

The film was shot by renowned fashion photographer Tom Concordia.

Watch the film at the Swati Argade fashion web site or right here...

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