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Alec Pollak has been working in the Internet industry since 1995 when he created one of the first big-budget movie websites for Warner Bros. Batman Forever. His background of art direction and design for print and multimedia at Grey Entertainment Advertising launched him into a founding Creative Director position at Siteline, one of the first NYC Web design shops.

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Street Cleaning FAIL

These pictures tell the stroy. After something like 46 days of suspended Alternate Side of the Street Parking regulations the city reinstated the rules this past week. So this morning as I came out to move my car I actually saw the street cleaner and a plow go down the block in the lane where parked cars had been wedged between piles of snow for over a month. Awesome, right? Let the plow and the street cleaner go through and clear out the obstructions, open up more parking, etc? You would think. Not so much. First of all - shouldn't the plow go down the street first so that the street cleaner can clean the actual street and not just brush the snow? This didn't make sense. I waited a few minutes and watched and snapped these photos and, yeah. Both trucks basically just weaved around the curbside piles of snow. Awesome.


iPad vs. MacBook Air


Who would win in a fight between a souped up iPad and an entry level MacBook Air?

Take a look at the specs and you decide!



"Flashy iPad Apps" Are NOT the Point - The Potential for new Dimensions IS

In his June 1st column on GigaOm.com, Mathew Ingram asks "Are Flashy iPad Apps What Publishers Really Need?" and proceeds to discuss Wired Magazine's iPad edition runaway sales hit and Adobe's announcement of the Apple-friendly tool set used to create the app, available soon to all. In general I think the post makes some great points about how digital editions of the magazines we know and love are going to have to incorporate more of the interactivity and interconnected depth of information afforded by the web in order to signal a true change. The headline and the lead in really make it sound like these "Flashy iPad Apps" are the be-all-end-all and it is either this newfangled touch enabled version of the flat magazine pages or the web - period. SO not the case - this touch medium is just getting started. There is such a fantastic opportunity for designers and publishers to imagine truly rich multimedia experiences in the hands of their readers like never before. There is a massive opportunity for new forms of communication and expression and I cannot wait to see what envelopes the innovators push... and I hope to jump in and produce and express with the best of them.


SyFy Digital Doesn't Believe in Digital?

In an answer to this tweet...

Q) @FenGar Do you forsee a near-future when web shows like The Guild and Dr. Horrible are the norm while scheduled TV is rare.Wed May 05 19:28:24 via web


Syfy's SVP & GM of Digital, Craig Engler replied...

A) No. Successful web series r the exception w/no consistent biz model to support them. TV still works VERY well w/a mature biz model.Wed May 05 19:33:30 via web


To which I replied...

@Syfy Many successful web series employ branded content models. Just because they work differently than TV doesn't mean they don't work .Wed May 05 20:07:40 via Tweetie


More and more brands are realizing the benefits of building their own content instead of simply hitching their business onto someone else's horse. Two of the shows in the Digitas roster prove that point for Kraft - Jen and Barb Mom Life and Paula Deen's Real Women of Philadelphia. It just makes sense to BUILD or DISCOVER the perfect context for your brand and make it work for you in all media. It is a model that makes sense, proves efective and makes for good content that works hard for its money.

Craig replied to me in a Twitter DM, where he basically tried to qualify his position as looking out for critical mass in the industry. I pointed him to the new site we just put up for the Digital Content NewFront 2010 where he will be able to watch the event live on June 9th. (So can you!) When he sees who we've got lined up to discuss the issues and hears about the opportunities that abound, perhaps he'll change his tune.

Liking this Blackbird Pie Twitter embed thing, by the way. Although this bookmarlet really makes it worthwhile.


A Return to Normalcy

Alec with first pasta at Aroma Osteria, Wappinger Falls, NYAfter just under nine months of restricting my diet according to the prescriptions of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) I'm stepping back into the world of polysacharides - grains, sugars, a wider selection of dairy, potatoes and I can stop driving waitresses and waiters all over the city crazy with my special requests. I'll never eat the same way I did in the past. My eyes have been opened to the insane amount of sugar packed into so much of the packaged food offered to us on a regular basis. Avoiding that shouldn't be too hard. I've learned so much about alternative snacks to keep around and rediscovered the beauty of fruits and veggies as a constant source of sustenance that I'm not worried about falling back into the trap of junk snacking. I'll still have to learn to control myself around pizza and chocolate.